Web Designing Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Web Designing Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Learn Web Designing Industrial Training in Chandigarh from the Web Design and Development Experts at ForcitCample Pvt Ltd.

In the current age of the internet, every company needs websites to reach their customers. More and more web applications are developed using programming languages like PHP. Programming languages like PHP supports complex design and architecture like Facebook. In Web Design industry, the standards and architecture change frequently which is why you should attend Web Design Training at an institute where real time professionals teach. web designing industrial training in Chandigarh  at ForcitCample Pvt Ltd includes designing using Photoshop and programming using a combination of programming and markup languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP and MySQL.


PROGRAM OF THE COURSE [ Web designing Industrial Training in Chandigarh ]

  • Introduction to Web Development (Origins, Internet, http Protocol, IP Addresses, Domain Management, and DNS Management)


  • Introductions of web sites and file extensions
  • HTML language
  • Tags and HTML syntax
  • The structure of an HTML page
  • Format the texts
  • The lists
  • I links
  • Tables
  • HTML objects
  • New HTML5 features


  • Introduction to CSS
  • CSS application methods to the HTML page
  • CSS syntax
  • CSS responsive and mobile
  • Realizing a responsive CSS


  • Definition of digital image
  • Image file formats
  • Digital photo retouching techniques for the web
  • Color balance and contrast and brightness levels
  • Web Image Management
  • Creating Effects


  • quick notes (this software is no longer used for web animation)

JAVASCRIPT – (introduction)

  • Introduction to Javascript on the pages
  • Introduction to Basic Animation (slider)


  • Dreamweaver work environment
  • Create a page and configure a site
  • Tables and Frames
  • Managing CSS styles
  • Inserting images and multimedia items

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