PHP Institute in Chandigarh

PHP Institute in Chandigarh

ForcitCample Technology Pvt Ltd is an IT company which has made is special place in the ground of Institutes giving training of PHP Institute in Chandigarh. Training given here provides clean and clear concept of the technology which is only possible with practical knowledge on live projects. It is very important to choose the right place for your industrial training and ForcitCample is the best choice for it. Because after training, you will definitely be given a chance to showcase your skills and learning via live presentations and projects which will be only possible if you have right choice.

Being one of the renowned PHP institute in Chandigarh, Mohali have maintained its place by giving quality training.  We are providing job-oriented courses that will help you to grab best job opportunities in the IT field. The professional courses provided by us include PHP with MySQL, WordPress, CMS training in Joomla and Drupal.

What You Will Learn (PHP Institute in Chandigarh)

Introduction to PHP

  • What is PHP?
  • PHP Requirements
  • How to Create A PHP File

PHP Syntax

  • Opening/Closing PHP Tags
  • PHP Instruction Termination
  • PHP Comments
  • PHP Whitespace

PHP Basics

  • PHP Variables
  • The Echo Statement
  • PHP Strings
  • PHP Operators

PHP Conditions & Loops

  • If
  • Else
  • Elseif
  • Switch
  • While
  • Do-While
  • For
  • Breaking Out of Loops

PHP Arrays

  • Creating An Array
  • Array Functions
  • Array Loops (Foreach)

PHP Functions

  • PHP Math Functions
  • PHP String Functions
  • PHP Variable Functions
  • PHP Date & Time Functions
  • PHP Includes & Requires
  • PHP Mail Function
  • PHP Regular Expressions
  • User-Defined PHP Functions

PHP Form Handling & Browser Interaction

  • Predefined Variables & Superglobals
  • Getting Form Field Data
  • Posting Form Field Data
  • Getting & Posting Checkbox & Radio Button Results
  • PHP File Uploads
  • PHP Url Functions

PHP Database Functions (MYSQL)

  • Introduction to PHP’s Built-In MYSQL Functions
  • MYSQL Connect & Close
  • Creating A Database Table
  • Running MYSQL Queries In PHP

Image Functions Using the GD Library

  • GD Library Function Reference
  • Creating An Image With the PHP GD Library
  • How to Draw Lines On An Image
  • How to Draw Shapes On An Image
  • How to Add Text to An Image
  • How to Add Image Filters & Effects
  • How to Create Image Thumbnails


  • Warnings and errors
  • Debugging and troubleshooting

Fun Exercises

  • Mice Trap
  • Magical coins
  • Capitalized Words
  • More Months


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