Graphic Design Course in Chandigarh

Graphic Design Course in Chandigarh

The Course of Graphic Design (Graphic Design Course in Chandigarh) is a theoretical and practical course, focused on teaching the basic thinking of the design along with the techniques and programs essential to carry out any graphic project. For Graphic Design course  in Chandigarh, contact ForcitCample Pvt Ltd at 8054345267.

This course introduces the basic techniques of visual thinking, layout, and composition of design pieces both online and offline. Drawing on theoretical knowledge of color, visual language and perception, it aims to develop the critical and aesthetic sense of the assistants, helping each one to find his vision and enhance his personal universe.

Having taught Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop programs, their interactions, and complements, each student will learn to move their tools to achieve personal and proposed projects in class. As art imitates life, the course was created so that each assistant learns by living a real work experience, with evaluations similar to the market and proposals that offer each one of them to participate in the entire work process, from client to art-finalist. It is intended, ultimately, that the course cultivates curiosity, help create and organize a structure of work, and awaken a passion for design.

CONTENT PROGRAM (Graphic Design Course in Chandigarh)


  • Presentation of the Course and Objectives.
  • Dynamics: present as a design product
  • Homework: search for an artist and a designer that they judge to be interesting and why

Work space

  • Visual Thinking: Fast creative dynamics for an invitation
  • (Random briefings)
  • Sketching Ideas: Quick Sketches

Start up

  • References: Mounting an Inspiration Board
  • Proposals: Organization in clear proposals
  • Keyboard Shortcuts, Program Preferences, Rules and Guidelines, Display and Resolution


  • General Features and DPI
  • Size, size and canvas tools
  • JPG, TIFF, PSD file types and their characteristics
  • Introduction to image processing and photomontage


  • General characteristics
  • Drawing tools
  • Line and Form | Outline and fill
  • Expand, Rasterize, Transform 2H

Must Know

  • Master Class: Alexey Brodorovich and Design in the 20th Century
  • Cover page, layout and basic principles
  • Practical Exercise: Do it Your Own Fanzine with 4 pages
  • This exercise continues as an object of study in the next classes


  • Layers and Properties
  • Masks
  • Selection Tools
  • Cutting, Selecting and Extracting Objects


  • Selection
  • Group and mix
  • Block, hide and delete
  • Duplicate objects


  • Movement, alignment and distribution
  • Rotation and reflection
  • Layer Styles and Effects
  • Adjustment layers and fill layers

Color Theory I

  • Color psychology
  • Experiment I: same shapes different colors
  • Experiment II: Create Logo Fanzine and taste different colors

Theory of color II

  • Color Types (X-light pigment) CMYK and RGB
  • Tones, Mixtures and Relationships.
  • Experiment I: Create Chromatic Circle

Color Palettes

  • Color maps
  • Create / use color palettes
  • Color Conversion Modes
  • Special Settings and Effects

Drawing and painting

  • Tools and Brushes
  • Fill / Stroke
  • Interactive painting
  • Transparencies and Fusion 2H Motifs, Meshes, Gradients

Photo retouching

  • Brushes
  • Blur and Eyedropper
  • Patch Tool
  • Smooth, Burn and edge tools

Your own brushes

  • Create / modify brushes
  • Load brushes
  • Fill and selection tracings
  • Reasons and Fusion


  • Adjustment of crop, rotation and canvas
  • Transformation of objects
  • Scaling and distortion
  • Liquify filter


  • Path finder
  • 3D objects and perspective
  • Create shapes
  • Fusion

Texts I

  • Typographies and Types
  • Mixing Fonts
  • Text tool

Texts II

  • Paragraphs
  • Text and blocks of text
  • Interleaving and inteting

Texts III

  • Principles of layout
  • Margins, bleed, slug
  • Alignment and text formatting

Texts IV

  • Text in plot
  • Tabs
  • Character Styles
  • Text Effects

The 7 Keys

  • Master Class of the 7 keys for a good design
  • Dynamics: The perfect cover


  • Basic concepts
  • One by one
  • Applications and mixes


  • Effects and filters
  • Parallel Shadow
  • Glow and Fade
  • Vectorization

Save | To export

  • File Types
  • Properties
  • Web Resolution and Printing


  • Creating graphs
  • Add Images and Symbols

Final project

  • Creation of the CV of each other, at random
  • Branding
  • Logo and visual unit, marketing concepts
  • Briefing

Case Reference

  • Build proposal with references
  • Sketches
  • Defense of ideas

Build it up

  • Evaluation and implementation of the chosen proposal

Don`t forget

  • Master Class: The 7 Greatest Misconceptions
  • Creating a fail-safe work routine

Fire proof

  • Review
  • Customer approval
  • Changes

The End

  • Closing
  • Retrospective


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