Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh

Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh

Not knowing how to position yourself on the internet is not to exist in the greatest means of communication of our era. For Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh, contact ForcitCample Pvt Ltd at 8054345267.

Therefore, keeping up with the techniques and methods of online promotion, monitoring and analysis is to have the key to success or failure of a company. Discover everything you need to know about WordPress, the main CMS of the moment, the keys to SEO and SEM, web analytics, network management or how to carry out an effective and professional sales campaign, among many other indispensable aspects of online marketing.

Course Schedule (Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh)

Digital marketing

Introduction. Marketing plan. Marketing Mix. Digital marketing resources. Action plan. Legal and legal aspects of digital marketing.

Usability, WEB positioning, SEO / SEM, web analytics

Introduction to usability. Recommended Practices. Usability of landing pages. Techniques of analysis and prototyping. Methods of test and evaluation. Analysis of user experience. Introduction to SEO. Positioning strategy. SEO on page and off page. Link Building. Google Webmaster Tools. Keyword management. Advanced code optimization. Content. Monitoring an SEO strategy. Reports of results. URLs. Web servers. Treatment of variables. Issues related to content. Black hat SEO. Concepts of digital analytics. Criteria and techniques of analysis. Objectives and processes. Control panel. Definition of metrics and dimensions.

Community Manager: Social Media & Social Networks I

Tasks and responsibilities. Skills and attitudes. Personal productivity. Management tools. The Community Manager as a brand. Digital reputation management. Social Media Plan. Synergy. Interconnection.

Online Marketing Tools: Google Adwords

Registration, activation and basic configuration of an account. Ad types. Matching Keywords. The basic structure of AdWords. Tools. Link AdWords and Analytics. Billing. Review of contents. Advanced Campaign Settings. Segmentation strategies. Organization of the account. Supply strategies. Advanced tools. A Network of search and distribution. Campaign performance. Segments, automation, alerts. Ad extensions. Landing Page Google Editor. Google Insight. Google AdPlanner. Google Optimizer. Online marketing campaign design. Bells.

Web analytics: Google Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics. Activation and basic configuration of an account. Analytics Interface. Reports. Traffic sources. A collection of campaign data. The flow of visitors. Profiles. Tracking filters. Multi-channel funnels. Intelligence Events. Advanced segmentation techniques. Analysis of keywords and landing pages. Monitoring. Tracking of virtual URLs. Tracking events. Google Optimizer User Variables. Tracking API. Automated access to data. Data API.

Community Manager: Social media and social networks II

Start-up of the SMP. Facebook. Youtube. Linkedin. Content syndication. Setting up a community. Profiles and segmentation of Social Media. Distribution strategy and publication of contents. Communication. Tools. Monitoring and measurement of results. Facebook Stores. Campaign evaluation. The cost of investment. Calculation of the ROI according to the objectives.

CMS: WordPress

Installation. Basic configuration. Administration panel. Themes. Homepage. Content management. Links. Images and multimedia. Menus. Widgets. Plugins. Link to social networks. Privacy Policy. Cookies policy. Editing styles and templates.


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